Fanatical Foodies Needed

Local foodies needed for new Bravo show filming in Austin

Local foodies needed for new Bravo show filming in Austin

Tom Colicchio Bravo
Tom Colicchio of Top Chef will host Bravo's new reality series, Best New Restaurant Courtesy of Bravo

A new reality series from Bravo is looking for local diners and fanatical foodies to be part of its Austin tapings from July 15 - 18. 

Hosted by Tom Colicchio, an award-winning chef and regular judge on Top ChefBest New Restaurant is an Americanized version of Gordon Ramsay's Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. The series will showcase 16 restaurants from Austin, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami, one of which will win a cash prize and the title of “Best New Restaurant.”

Unlike other competitive cooking shows that focus on the individual chef, Best New Restaurant focuses on the entire restaurant experience. So, local diners will be interviewed on-camera to comment on the dishes along with the restaurants' overall service.

Producers have not yet announced the competing Austin restaurants, but with our booming culinary scene, it’s a gamble that prospective diners should be willing to take. Four tapings will take place in Austin from July 15 - 18 at 1:30 pm each day. Foodies interested in dining can apply online. Diners should be 21 or older, have no food allergies, and will need to dress up for the show.

Taking the time to put on a tie or a cocktail dress is a small price to pay for a free meal.