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Austin favorite picks Dallas for first cocktail bar-coffeehouse combo

Austin favorite picks Dallas for first cocktail bar-coffeehouse combo

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Houndstooth Coffee will open a companion bar concept at Sylvan Thirty. iStock

Austin's Houndstooth Coffee will open its first cocktail bar-coffee shop combo in Dallas. Called Jettison, it will open at Sylvan Thirty on October 21.

Houndstooth founder Sean Henry says in a release that his goal is to create intimate spaces for genuine connection. He also uses a phrase called "table culture."

"Whether over coffee or dinner and drinks, we want to create a table culture that is both authentic and unique," he says. "We want to give a particular character to our experiences at Houndstooth and Jettison — one that speaks to the broader social aspect of being brought together in a particular moment that is both venerable and memorable."

That is a million-dollar quote.

Houndstooth is part of the so-called third wave of coffee, wherein operators pay careful attention to details such as the source and grind of the coffee bean. It debuted in Austin in 2010, with a second branch that opened in April 2013. The brand expanded to Dallas in 2014, when it opened a branch on Henderson Avenue.

In July, founder Sean Henry launched a coffee roasting side business; he uses the beans in Houndstooth stores, and he sells them to other shops and restaurants.

In contrast to the coffee bar, which occupies a larger airy, sunlit space, Jettison offers a darker, more intimate retreat for cocktails and conversation.

The bar program is headed by George Kaiho, of Parliament and Tei-An, who has created a menu of cocktails.

Jettison is a new endeavor, but it stays true to the Houndstooth brand and ideal by using design elements from the other locations, and by providing an intimate space for personal connection over handcrafted beverages. You're not just drinking this stuff, you're practically dating it.

To mark the opening, Houndstooth Coffee will preview the space with a dinner series that offers beverage pairings highlighting global cuisine, in collaboration with chefs from around Dallas.

The schedule and tickets can be found here