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New build-your-own French bakery brings insane desserts to West Austin

New build-your-own French bakery brings insane desserts to West Austin

FoliePop's is bringing Austin a new kind of sweets shop. Courtesy photo

An upcoming Bee Cave bakeshop is setting out to prove that dessert rules are made to (literally) be broken. FoliePop's will let guests customize pastry treats when it opens in the Hill Country Galleria in spring 2020.

FoliePop's, the first part of which translates to "madness" or "insanity," comes from founders Antoine Chassonnery and “partner in crime” Audrey Sigoure, along with help from Sigoure’s uncle Christophe Lavigne and cousin Adrien Lavigne. Before moving to Austin in late 2019, Chassonnery and Sigoure developed products for gourmet French delicatessen company Fauchon in Dubai.

Keeping with their love of French pastry, the menu is based around cup-like crepe, croissant, or brownie pastry shells. The base is then piped with a choice of pastry creams before being topped with a spherical chocolate shell that is filled with house coulis (a sauce made from fruit or vegetable puree) and meant to be cracked like an egg.

With eight different options for each component, the innovative concept will offer 512 combinations available in regular and mini sizes. We see what they did there.

“We want to bring our customer’s cravings to life and create not only amazing food but a unique and engaging interactive experience for our guests,” says Chassonnery via release.

In addition to its signature dessert, FoliePop’s will serve a selection of savory options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. A full menu of coffee and tea drinks will also be available.

FoliePop’s will have a boutique-like interior and a patio meant to evoke the cafe terraces of Paris. The adjacent production kitchen will serve catering orders and offers guests a view of the creation of the unique sweets.