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Lance Armstrong hospitalized after bloody bike accident

Lance Armstrong hospitalized after bloody bike accident

Lance Armstrong accident
Lance Armstrong was taken to an Aspen hospital following a bike accident on August 8. Lance Armstrong/Facebook

Lance Armstrong took a major tumble in Colorado — one that required a hospital visit. The ex-Tour de France winner was biking the Tom Blake Mountain Bike Trail on August 8 when he fell, hitting his head in the process. 

Bruised and bloodied, Armstrong was taken to the Aspen Valley Hospital where he was evaluated for a head injury. "Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail. The Tom Blake trail tried to KO [knockout] my ass today," he wrote on Facebook. "Took quite the blow to the noggin."

Armstrong was checked out by an ER doctor on duty who, in a strange turn of events, happened to have snapped a photo of the cyclist just a few weeks prior to his fall.

"Small world story — a few weeks back I posted a pic of George Hincapie, Mike Kloser, and myself. Photo credit read 'some dude on top of Buttermilk.' Well that dude turned out to be Dr. Charlie Abramson, the ER doc on duty today. Charlie, thanks for looking after me," Armstrong continued.

The trail, which is located in Snowmass Village, Colorado, is an almost 4-mile mix of pavement and dirt. No word on what exactly caused the accident. Armstrong has a home in nearby Aspen; he also has properties in Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

In 2012, Armstrong admitted to doping, a scandal that rocked the the cycling world. In the process, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and an Olympic medal, and was asked to step away from the Austin-based Livestrong Foundation, which he founded.

Back in June, Armstrong sold his Old Enfield estate to Big Ass Fans founder Carey Smith. He is also the owner of Mellow Johnny's.