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Police announce number of people using overnight hike and bike trails

How many people are using overnight hike & bike trails?

KVUE -- An Austin Police Commander told KVUE News Friday evening he’s surprised at how many people are actually using the city’s hike and bike trails overnight.

“A little surprised at the number of people we're seeing overnight. The number of cyclists it seems is only averaging seven and a half per night,” said Commander William Manno with A.P.D. 

Austin City Leaders began a pilot program June 1, 2013, a trial period to see what would happen if three of the city’s hike and bike trails were open to bicycles overnight. 

From June 1-27, numbers obtained from Austin Police show APD officers assigned to the overnight trail patrols counted 140 cyclists. 

Overnight Park Patrol Officers also found 69 violations of the city’s no camping ordinance. 

Another 146 people broke the park curfew ordinance, which is 10 p.m. 

The biggest number were the number of warnings written, 280.


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