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American Airlines cuts back on flights due to labor shortages and weather

American Airlines cuts back on flights due to labor shortages, weather

American Airlines
Everyone wants to fly right now. Photo courtesy of American Airlines

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is canceling hundreds of flights through mid-July, due to labor shortages and weather issues.

According to CNN, there's been a massive increase in travel demand, and the airline is struggling to catch up.

A spokesperson told CNN that the first few weeks of June brought "unprecedented weather" to their largest hubs, causing delays and canceled flights, disrupting crew member schedules and customers' plans.

"That, combined with the labor shortages some of our vendors are contending with and the incredibly quick ramp up of customer demand, has led us to build in additional resilience and certainty to our operation by adjusting a fraction of our scheduled flying through mid-July," spokesperson Shannon Gilson said.

American plans to trim its schedule by 1 percent, which sounds small but adds up to hundreds of flights.

On June 19, American had 120 cancellations, and the company is anticipating 50 to 80 flight cancellations per day going forward.

American told Reuters that they were attempting to soften the blow by cutting back on flights at locations where travelers had other options.

Customers who have booked trips through July 15 will be notified if their flights have been canceled.

If your flight is canceled, American suggests these options to reschedule:

  • Tap on your scheduled flight in the American Airlines app to search and reschedule.
  • View and change your flight under "your trips" on
  • Use an airport kiosk to scan your boarding pass to re-book your travel.

American also has an online site to check current flight status.