• Peter Mangan, "Melted Moon"This glass lens in a steel ring has lost its initial purpose. The wildfire heathas melted it into a new shape, added colors, added textures. The fractures areheld together by melted marbles. This changed lens now references a full moonrising over the pines.
  • Peter Mangan, "Looking Glass"When I first saw this hunk of melted amber glass, there was an "Aha!" moment. This glass used to be a mirror. Since medieval times, glass artists have usedsilver on heated glass to achieve this coloring effect. Think of the saint'shalo in a stained glass window. Here is an example of a wildfire being thestained glass artist. The beautifully colored glass also gained a jaggedlayered new shape. This found object is held aloft by two steel hinges, whosewooden door is gone. Here stands a fire transformed figure.
  • Peggy Jo Hilburn, " A Sunday Afternoon" A wax mold of the bark of a burntloblolly pine.
  • Peggy Jo Hilburn
  • The Bastrop fire from above.
  • Burned forest