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Meet APA!'s Emmie, the little terrier who is big on love

Emmie Austin Pets Alive
Emmie is a quiet lady who loves bandanas.  Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
She may be timid at first, but she's loyal and kind.  Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Emmie Austin Pets Alive
Emmie bonds quickly to her human friends. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Emmie Austin Pets Alive
Emmie Austin Pets Alive

Sweet lil' Emmie. If you're looking for a calm little sidekick (who looks darn good in a bandana), then Emmie just might be your gal. 

Name: Emmie

Sex: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Adult size: Small

Age: 1 year, 6 months

Sign: Libra

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $75

Location: On site

How APA! describes Emmie:

Timid, loving, calm

What APA! says about Emmie:

Even though she's still a youngster, Emmie isn't a high energy gal. She is happy to play a little, and maybe go for a walk, but then she's ready to settle back in for a snuggle. During a recent sleepover, an APA! volunteer gave her a glowing review, calling her a wonderful house guest!

Emmie's background is unknown, but it probably wasn't an easy life. As a result, she's very timid when she first meets people. But with gentle touch and soft words, she bonds quickly — and, oh, how she bonds.

Emmie gets along well with other dogs her size, but big dogs are a bit intimidating to her. She hasn't been around cats, so a meet-and-greet would be an important test to see how they get along. Emmie is very fearful of kids, so her forever home should not include them. 

Why APA! says Emmie deserves your love:

Emmie is a bit discriminating about whose lap she warms, but when she picks you, you'll feel honored to be in her circle. Given a calm environment and a little patience, Miss Emmie will become your beloved companion for the rest of her life.


To learn more about Emmie, please visit APA!

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