Curtain call

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar plans one last day of movie mania before a long (temporary) closure

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar plans one last day of movie mania

Austin Photo: News_Mike_Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar_Renovation
Design for the new Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and shopping plaza Couresty of Michael Hsu Architecture
Austin Photo: News_Mike_Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar_Renovation
Austin Photo: Places_Entertainment_Alamo_Drafthouse_South_Lamar_Exterior

It was painful enough for fans of The Highball when the popular party spot had to close its doors in November owing to the impending massive overhaul of the South Lamar Plaza Shopping Center.

Now the clock is ticking down to the temporary closure of the original Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, and it's been announced how film fanatics can spend one last day of cinematic glory at the iconic South Austin theater.

Movie buffs, mark your calendars for January 3 and immediately buy tickets. With the final lineup of closing night festivities revealed, viewers can expect a taste of everything that the Alamo Drafthouse offers (I’m talking about film here, not beer, for once), from quote-alongs and sing-alongs to classic gore-fests.

The Action Pack concept, interactive screenings during which the audience belts out lyrics and quotes in unison, will be well represented for the final night. The quote-along of The Big Lebowski has screened at South Lamar every Monday for the past year, so it certainly deserves one last night in the spotlight. As for a final sing-along, the Action Pack will pay homage to the top music videos of 2012.

Fans of horror and power tools will be treated to a double feature of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its first ever direct sequel, Texas Chainsaw 3D, as well as the company of director Tobe Hooper. If you require more lighthearted violence, then the final Three Stooges Party should be the ticket.

Naturally, Drafthouse Films will also represent itself with the screening of two recent acquisitions, director Kim Ki-Duk’s Pietà and the surreal Wrong by Quentin Depieux.

And because South Lamar is the headquarters of Fantastic Fest, it's only fitting that the genre film festival will bow out with a screening of the next big cult hit, John Dies at the End.

The final lineup still offers plenty more for one last hurrah, so stay tuned in to the official Alamo Drafthouse blog for more closing night programming announcements.

Make sure you get a chance to say goodbye, because after January 3, the wait until the fall of 2013 will feel like an eternity.