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Ghostbusters back?

Dan Aykroyd goes forward without Bill Murray: Alyssa Milano might save Ghostbusters 3

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Sadly Bill Murray has opted out of the project. Listal
Ghostbusters III is in the works! Free Info Society
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Who knew playing a ghostbuster would amount to a cult following for 25 years? That's the case for many cheesy 1980s film stars.

Bill Murray isn't just any other '80s star though. The comedian who started his career on Saturday Night Live has grown into a well-respected, Oscar worthy serious actor.

And Murray is hesitant to return to the role of the goofball to play Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters 3.

 Don't expect to see Bill Murray getting slimed anytime soon. 

It's been a little more than 20 years now since the last Ghostbusters film was released and fans apparently want more. But like with any other overhyped trilogy, loyal fans want to see the original cast. With Dan Aykroyd pushing things along, a script and film is in the works that looks like it will churn ahead without any involvement from Murray.

Aykroyd says he respects Murray's decision, but the movie will go on. Whether Ghostbuster fanatics like it or not, the Murray role may be recast with Rick Moranis taking on a larger role in Ghostbusters 3. Murray has expressed reluctance in the past, saying he doesn't believe people want to see a bunch of old guys fighting movie ghosts.

There are some fresh female faces tied to the movie though. Anna Faris, Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku have all been linked to Ghostbusters 3.

Just don't expect to see Bill Murray getting slimed anytime soon. He may permanently be taking on his "moonlighting job."

Or maybe, he just doesn't believe in ghosts anymore.

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