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Jezebel on Bravo

Will Restaurant Jezebel's old-school ways make it Bravo's Best New Restaurant?

By Layne Lynch

Restaurant Jezebel has accrued its fair share of media over the years. First came the devastating fire that shuttered the fine dining restaurant in 2010 until its reopening in 2012. Then came the r ...

Chopped and Served

Austin chef Jason Stude talks Chopped win, Sangria candied corn and stress dreams

By Layne Lynch

The Food Network's megahit reality series Chopped has featured a bounty of Austin talent this season, including MAX'S Wine Dive's Erica Beneke and Restaurant Jezebel's Parind Vora. ...

Chopped Viewing Party for Chef Parind Vora

The Austin culinary scene has already proven itself in front of a national television audience, and that will continue with an appearance by Chef Parind Vora on the competitive Food Network co

Eat Out, Ye Pilgrims

Where to dine out (or order in) if you don't want to cook for Thanksgiving

By Layne Lynch

If you aren't all that fond of cooking six-hour turkeys, entertaining a house full of guests and overindulging on plates of homemade goodies, then Thanksgiving might be a rather stressful holid ...

Nuts for November

More than pie: Pecan dishes from favorite Texas restaurants, with recipes you can try at home

By Layne Lynch

When it comes to the fall season, pecans have a special role in Texas cuisine. As Thanksgiving draws closer, pecans are typically incorporated into the classic American pecan pie, but let's be ...

New eats

Five fall restaurant openings: Local food scene welcomes Sway, Restaurant Jezebel, Mettle & more

By Layne Lynch

Over the past two years, the Austin culinary scene has experienced an awakening, and all of that new energy can't help but be attributed to the restaurants, bars and food trucks and trailers th ...


Austin sous chefs: Stepping out from the shadows of the kitchen

By Layne Lynch

The life of a sous is not for the faint of heart. These second-in-command chefs work 14-hour days, craft new menu specials, oversee the hectic operations of the kitchen and promptly report to the h ...

7 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)
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