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2 charming Hill Country towns named among top retirement spots in Texas

2 charming Hill Country towns among top retirement spots in Texas

Burnet bluebonnets
The natural beauty of the Hill Country continues to lure Texas retirees. Burnet Chamber of Commerce

If you’re hunting for a place to retire in Texas, you might want to consider your own backyard. While many Texans are drawn to the bucolic nature of the Hill Country, two historic communities there, including one that’s known as the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas, have blossomed onto a list of the best places to retire in the Lone Star State, adding further credence to the area’s enchanting allure.   

A recent study by personal finance website SmartAsset ranks Fredericksburg among the top 10 places in Texas for retirees. The treasured Hill Country town nabs the No. 4 spot, racking up high scores in all listed categories.

Nearby Burnet — which boasts pioneer roots and tons of rural charm, not to mention hills and pastures blanketed in Texas’ beloved official state flower — also placed in the study’s list of the top 10 Texas retirement spots. Burnet, which is located about 50 miles northwest of Austin, lands the No. 7 spot.

SmartAsset judged each city on these factors:

  • Burden from income and sales taxes.
  • Doctor offices per 1,000 residents.
  • Recreation centers per 1,000 residents.
  • Retirement centers per 1,000 residents.
  • Share of seniors in the population.

SmartAsset weighted each factor equally, and them came up with a total score for every city.

Fredericksburg’s overall score of 43.49 puts it at the No. 4 spot in Texas, though it didn’t perform best in any single category.

Here’s how Fredericksburg scored on all metrics:

  • Tax burden: 14.3 percent
  • Doctor offices per 1,000 people: 4.8
  • Recreation centers per 1,000 people: 1.6
  • Retirement centers per 1,000 people: 0.5
  • Percentage of seniors: 29.1 percent

Sleepy Burnet’s overall score of 39.85 lands it at the No. 7 spot in Texas, with the Hill Country town performing best in the category of tax burden. Burnet’s tax burden — 13.8 percent — even beats out Katy, the Houston suburb that ranked as the study’s the No. 1 city in Texas for retirees. Katy has a tax burden of 15.3 percent.

Here’s how Burnet scored on the other metrics:

  • Doctor offices per 1,000 people: 2.2
  • Recreation centers per 1,000 people: 0.5
  • Retirement centers per 1,000 people: 0.6
  • Percentage of seniors: 19.8 percent

Here are SmartAsset’s top 10 cities in Texas for retirees, including the score for each place:

  1. Katy — 53.88
  2. Granbury (Dallas-Fort Worth) — 46.89
  3. Woodway (Waco metro area) — 43.52
  4. Fredericksburg (Hill Country) — 43.49
  5. Richmond — 40.94
  6. Tomball — 40.09
  7. Burnet — 39.85
  8. Humble — 38.27
  9. Boerne (near San Antonio) — 34.17
  10. Webster — 33.96