After today's needless school closings, someone started a hilarious fake AISD closures Twitter account

Someone has started a fake AISD Twitter account and it's just the best

As anyone in Austin knows, we woke up to a horrible, wintry mix this morning. Ice on the roads, terror on the highways, spin outs all around — it's been nuts.

Oh wait, no we didn't. That was two weeks ago. Today, it's just cold and kind of gray so that means that all schools in the Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College, oh, and every office in the city of Austin is closed today. Shut down. Done. Not working.

AISD is already garnering collective eye rolls for preemptively announcing that schools would be closed today in the wake of this horrible weather. But one Austinite (we assume it's an Austinite as requests for an identity have gone unfulfilled) has created the appropriately named Twitter handle @AISDclosures to illustrate Austin's collective inability to deal with any kind of weather.

Here are just a few our favorites:

And it only gets better from there. Make sure to keep up to date with all of AISD's fake closings here.

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Get back in the house, it's cold out there!