Come on get happy!

Austin is all smiles with new ranking as one of the happiest cities in Texas and the U.S.

Austin is all smiles with ranking as one of happiest cities in Texas

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When you smile in Austin, the whole world smiles with you. So maybe the Capital City needs another motto: The Smile Capital of the World.

That’s the idea behind a new study from personal finance website WalletHub that ranks Austin among the happiest places in Texas and the U.S.

The study puts Austin at No. 2 in Texas and No. 30 in the country in terms of the happiest locales.

To come up with the ranking, WalletHub looked at more than key indicators of happiness for 182 of the largest U.S. cities. Among the factors were depression rate, suicide rate, sports participation rate, separation and divorce rate, and hours worked per day.

WalletHub then placed those numbers into three buckets. Here’s how Austin ranked in that regard:

  • 109th in the community and environment category.
  • 35th in the physical and emotional well-being category.
  • Fifth in the income and employment category.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a third of Americans to be so stressed that they sometimes find it hard to make basic decisions. Therefore, it’s vital for people to boost their happiness however they can, whether through family, friends, activities, entertainment, or work,” WalletHub says. “What people might not realize is that where they live may also determine how happy they are.”

So, what’s the happiest city in the U.S.? According to WalletHub, it’s Fremont, California, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. And the unhappiest? WalletHub hands that dubious distinction to Detroit.

Here’s how Texas cities in the study are ranked:

  • Austin, No. 30
  • Grand Prairie, No. 83
  • Irving, No. 89
  • Garland, No. 97
  • Fort Worth, No. 103
  • Arlington, No. 107
  • Dallas, No. 111
  • Houston, No. 112
  • Laredo, No. 115
  • El Paso, No. 120
  • Brownsville, No. 125
  • San Antonio, No. 130
  • Corpus Christi, No. 139
  • Amarillo, No. 143
  • Lubbock, No. 157