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Brotherly Love

Blaze and Chiquita: A story of inseparable family and perseverance

Blaze & Chiquita: A story of inseparable family & strength

Austin Photo Set: News_caitlin_apa chiquita blaze_march 2013
Austin Photo Set: News_caitlin_apa chiquita blaze_march 2013_side shot
Austin Photo Set: News_caitlin_apa chiquita blaze_march 2013_side shot 2

In the past month, the general public started a Facebook campaign to encourage APA! to adopt two dogs from another shelter who were "at risk" to be euthanized. 

The canine pals had won the hearts of many with their story of friendship and perseverance after their owner lost their home and surrendered the duo to a city shelter. On Tuesday, the dogs made their way to the APA! site.

"Our specialists have been working with them to cheer them up and let them know they are safe and loved," explains Arianne Schrodel of APA!. "They are the rare exception at APA! of keeping two dogs in one run."

Because of their obvious bond and history, APA! is pulling out all the stops to have them adopted together.

Names: Chiquita, Blaze

Sex: Female, Male

Breed: Terrier Mix, Retriever Labrador Mix

Current weight: unknown (but small), 83 pounds

Adult size: Small, Large

Sign: Pisces, Pisces

Age: 5 years, 4 years

Spayed/Neutered: Yes, Yes

Adoption Donation: $150, $150

Location: On site, On site

Surprise fact: It's no surprise at this point, but they are best friends.

What APA! says about Chiquita and Blaze:

  • Chiquita is super friendly and active, while Blaze is very loving, nurturing and gentle. Chiquita essentially runs the pack from underneath Blaze's legs.
  • They are both house-trained, love to play fetch, wrestle, tug-of-war and are good around children.

Why APA! says Chiquita and Blaze deserve your love:

  • The odd couple is so close, APA! says it would break the organization's heart to separate them. APA hopes to find a home that they can go to together and continue their lives as a unit.

In summary: Chiquita and Blaze grew up together and have undoubtedly given each other a sense of normalcy and security throughout the hard process of losing a home and finding a new one. APA! is confident that, together, they'd fill the hearts of a loving family. 

To donate or adopt Chiquita and Blaze, call APA! today at 512-961-6519.

P.S. If you can't adopt an animal, you can be a dog or cat's Constant Companion by joining APA's club to help out each month. Visit the website for more information on the Constant Companion program.