Austin crowned ‘trendiest’ place to move in new study of American workers

Austin crowned ‘trendiest’ place to move in study of American workers

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As if the soaring home prices weren’t enough of an indicator, Austin is — dare we say — trendy. A new survey has further cemented our trendiness.

CraftJack, an online platform for home services professionals, surveyed 2,888 city-dwelling workers in the U.S. about where they’d move if given an option. Their top pick as the “trendiest” relocation spot: Austin. Los Angeles ranks second, followed by New York City, Denver, and Nashville. Dallas-Fort Worth holds the No. 6 spot.

However, Austin ranks 12th on the list of places where people would move if they could always work remotely. New York City ranks first. Dallas-Fort Worth appears at No. 9 and Houston at No. 18. Texas tops the list as the “trendiest” state for relocation.

“Of those who would leave their current city, we asked what reasons would most compel the move. Desire for a bigger, better home, and lower cost of living were the top reasons cited, followed by desire for more access to nature. Interestingly, weather was the least-cited reason,” CraftJack says.

Houston and DFW also get nods in the category of “Cities that residents like more than ever.” Houston ranks eighth and DFW ranks 10th.

Digging deeper into the survey results, it turns out that residents of Austin would most like to relocate to DFW. But DFW residents prefer Seattle over any other destination, while Houstonians give the most love to Austin.