Uber for Boats

New 'Uber for boats' service makes a splash on Austin lake

New 'Uber for boats' service makes a splash on Austin lake

Lake Hop
Lake Hop is like Uber or Lyft for boats. Courtesy of KVUE

KVUE — It's getting warmer now, which means more spending time outside and maybe even on the lake if you have a boat.

Even those without a boat can now go out and soak up the sun on the water with Lake Hop. It's a boat sharing service, kind of like Uber or Lyft, but for boats. And it's available at Lake Travis.

Lake Hop is a peer-to-peer boating service that connects customers to local boat owners who provide the boat and on-the-water experiences. Users don't have to know how to drive or operate a boat because boat owners serve as captains during the experiences.

"Contrary to traditional boat rentals available at marinas, which pose significant safety hazards due to operator inexperience, Lake Hop offers an affordable, safe, and fun alternative where passengers can 'lake like a local' with a host while boat owners can easily monetize the use of their boats," a spokesperson for Lake Hop said.

They offer different activities, like watersports and fishing, but also leisure experiences for those who want to host a party or just relax on the water. 


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