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The week's top links: The Office ends, honoring Robocop & tons of cocktail recipes

The Office ends, honoring Robocop & tons of cocktail recipes

links we love_may 16 2013

Here are just a few of the stories, lists and videos we loved this week:

Spin is streaming Japanther's new album, Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart (which wins the award for "Best Simpsons reference in an album title").

Stereogum narrows their favorite Deerhunter songs down to this top 10 list.

MediaBistro rounds up the year's best music writing (so far).

The Office is finally ending; die-hard fans should check out this list of the show's 47 most hilarious moments, while former fans can catch up with this helpful multi-season recap.

The ultimate timelapseĀ tracks nearly 30 years of the earth's evolution.

So, Disney was trying to trademark "Dia De Los Muertos"...

Buzzfeed lists 65 books you need to read in your 20s (or you know, whenever).

The A.V. Club blows your mind by revealing the celebrities you never knew were also novelists.

And Jezebel blows whatever remains of your mind with this vintage footage of - wait for it - Barbara Walters as a Playboy bunny.

Have Brazilian researchers found a lost, underwater continent?

Detroit is finally getting their Kickstarter-fundedĀ Robocop statue.

BeerViz, a beautiful infographic-inspired beverage recommender, helps pick your new favorite drink based on your tastes.

Still looking for drink recs? A Beautiful Mess shares their favorite recipes.

And, the Pop Chart Lab has a handy guide to literary cocktails.

The Kitchn recommends great vegetarian cooking blogs.

The SNL season finale - which will be beloved cast members Bill Hader and Seth Meyers' last show - is this weekend, with host Ben Affleck:

Meet the man who cloned himself so he could sing Beyonce:

David Sedaris went on The Daily Show, and even Jon Stewart couldn't handle how amazing it was: