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Austin heirs land on list of world’s youngest billionaires-in-waiting

Austin heirs land on list of world’s youngest billionaires-in-waiting

Susan Michael Dell Ellsworth Kelly gala
The children of Michael and Susan are poised to inheirit billions. Photo by Julie Skarratt Photography Inc.

As most Austinites know, tech king Michael Dell reigns as the wealthiest person in Austin and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Forbes estimates the net worth of Dell, chairman and CEO of the Round Rock company that bears his name, at more than $40 billion.

Yet you probably haven’t given much thought to Dell’s four billionaires-in-waiting — his four children with wife, Susan.

Business Insider combed through data about global billionaires who have children under age 40 to create a list of heirs poised to inherit billions of dollars of their own. The order of the Business Insider list is based on the parents’ wealth; the Dell heirs landed at No. 11.

At this point, we have no clue as to how much money the Dell children — daughters Alexa, Juliette, and Kira, and son Zachary — stand to inherit. But if their dad’s current wealth is any indication, they’re all on track to become billionaires.

Throughout their lives, the four Dell children and billionaires-to-be — who grew up in Austin — have maintained a relatively low profile with the exception of 25-year-old Alexa. Over the past few years, Alexa has documented her globetrotting lifestyle on social media, racking up nearly 44,000 followers on Instagram alone.

In late 2017, Alexa became engaged to billionaire real estate mogul Harrison Refoua. (She previously dated Tinder co-founder Sean Rad.) Refoua popped the question at a Four Seasons resort in Hawaii owned by Michael Dell.

In photos of Alexa at a May 2018 engagement party in West Hollywood, she was seen flashing a 12-carat diamond engagement ring worth as much as $3 million, though no word on whether they’ve tied the knot yet.

We do know, though, that Dell and Refoua recently welcomed a baby boy. This May, Dell shared with her nearly 44,000 Instagram followers a photo of her holding the infant on her first Mother’s Day.

“Being a mama to this angel is the greatest gift. I love you so much my sweet boy. Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful mamas,” wrote Alexa Dell, who lives in Southern California but is a branding consultant for Austin-based dating app Bumble.