That's My President

President Obama headed to Austin for reception with LGBT Leadership Council

President Obama headed to Austin for reception with LGBT Leadership Council

Austin photo: News_Mike_Obama and LGBT Reception

Following last month's groundbreaking announcement of his support of marriage equality, Democratic President Barak Obama has been busy this month meeting with his happy constituents across the country.

With the Republican primaries all but over, the President and his team are now gearing up for the big rush into the general election campaign season, which means Obama will be making a lot of face time with his donors and supporters who agree with his messages and governing style.

Surprising to some, the only Texas date on the Obama Victory Tour 2012 (so far) is a stop at Austin Music Hall on July 17 for a fundraiser reception with the President that includes a short presentation and the possibility for a meet-and-greet with Obama.

The Democratic National Party's LGBT Leadership Council will also be in attendance as the primary sponsors of the tour, and country music legend Jerry Jeff Walker will also be performing his American songbook favorites. Regardless of your politics, it's sure to be a night of music and inspiration.

As this is a fundraiser, general admission tickets to the event are $250.00 each, with a possible upgrade to a preferred viewing seat at $1,000. Professional photo opportunities with the President will also be available for individuals ($5,000) and couples ($7,500).

These big-ticket fundraisers are the perfect opportunity for supporters to put their money where their mouths are to show their early unwavering endorsement for their Presidential choice.

While we personally won't be able to shake hands with the President at those prices, we readily applaud all those who can make it. And we can't wait to see the cavalcade of official-looking vehicles making their way across downtown that Tuesday afternoon.

Hopefully, construction in the Seaholm District isn't still such a mess by the time he gets here...