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Austin bike share program is coming soon - but it still needs your help

Austin bike share program is coming soon - and it needs your help

Bike Share Austin demo station at City Hall
Demo Bike Share station at Austin City Hall. Courtesy of Mellow Johnny's

Last time anyone checked, traffic still sucks in Austin. Any feasible solution (like sinking a downtown stretch of IH-35 underground) is still mostly a pipe dream.

But help is actually on the way — and it’s coming on two wheels. Austin's bike sharing program is kicking off later this year and for those commuters tired of sitting in traffic, it couldn't come sooner. Bike Share of Austin will start with ten stations in the downtown area and has plans to increase that number to 40 by next spring, adding a total of about 400 bikes to its fleet. But first, the city of Austin wants your help in determining where these stations should be located.

Bike Share of Austin, which will manage the kiosks, has set up a website where you can vote on the locations. Go online to submit a new station location, or vote for previously submitted spots. Once you submit, you can post your idea on Facebook or Twitter to garner the support of your friends.

Of course, there's no guarantee your submission will result in a bike station, but participation still goes a long way in determining the best locations. The city will also consider details such as local attractions, high transit areas, amount of available space and even the amount of sunlight for solar powered stations.

Just don’t dawdle.Voting and submissions end on August 31.

Combined with more cycling lanes and an effort by the Austin Police Department to register bikes in the event of theft, Austin is continuing to invest in a future with (hopefully) fewer traffic headaches, cleaner air and healthier citizens to boot. To learn more about Bike Share of Austin, visit their informational pop-ups at the HOPE Farmers Market on August 18 or on the corner of 4th Street and IH-35 on August 21.

To vote, click here.