Please Don't Move Here

Travis County adds more new residents than anywhere else in U.S., but don't blame California

Travis County adds more new residents than anywhere else in the U.S.

Austin skyline lake
New data reveals Travis County attracts the most new households in the U.S. Photo by Katie Friel

Travis County's as popular as you may think for newcomers. In fact, new data ranks Travis County the No. 1 place in the country for new households.

Recently released statistics from the International Revenue Service for 2012-2013 show just how many outsiders are relocating to Travis County. Headlight Data broke down the numbers, revealing that Travis Country attracted 28,038 new households from outside the Austin metro area, resulting in the highest influx of new residents in the nation.

Our instinct is to blame Californians for this staggering growth, but an Austin-based research firm says we should focus our frustration on another state. Civic Analytics combed through the IRS data, noticing that the majority of new residents are coming from the East Coast.

"Florida has surpassed California as Travis County's most significant donor state," says Brian Kelsey of Civic Analytics. "Florida added an estimated 6,647 households and 9,695 people to the Travis County population in 2012-2013, compared to just 2,092 households and 4,278 people from California."

Before we start cursing the Sunshine State for Austin's congestion problems, Headlight Data points that these new residents — wherever they hail from — bring a lot of money with them. The total household income that comes with new residents is a whopping $2,359,803,000.

Following Travis County with the second-highest influx of new households is Houston's Harris County, which attracted 14,946 new households with $809,209,000 in income. Fort Worth's Tarrant County ranks No. 9, with 5,009 households and $548,624,000 in income. San Antonio's Bexar County takes the No. 10 spot, with 4,965 new households and $261,964,000 in income.

The data also indicates that big cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York City are losing the most residents to relocation.