Feel the Burn

Austin's hottest new fitness studios for a killer workout

Austin's hottest new fitness studios for a killer workout

The Barre Code
The Barre Code is the latest addition to Austin's flourishing barre scene.  The Barre Code/Facebook

Summer may be coming to a close, but fewer days spent on boats or poolside lounge chairs doesn't mean you should stop working on your fit bod. Austin is known as one of the fittest cities in Texas (and the country), so there's never a shortage of new fitness studios to try in town.

Here are four of the newest, most promising studios you should check out:

The Barre Code
The Barre Code is the latest addition to Austin's already flourishing barre studio scene. Based in Chicago, the studio has expanded to locations across the country, promising cardio, strength training, and restoration for women. And this isn't your average barre studio — the cardio classes combine high-intensity interval training with kickboxing, dance, and plyometrics for an intense workout. If cardio's not your thing, try the Burn class, which is your typical barre class with a seriously sweaty twist — a 95-degree room.

After those classes, you'll obviously need a rest day to nurse your sore muscles, so the restoration classes are the way to go. A brief 30-minute Barre Stretch class will leave you feeling lengthened and strengthened, or you can go a yoga-like route with the Barreyasa class, which combines stretching and yoga Vinyasa flows.

2300 S. Lamar Blvd.; $20 per class/class packages offered

The Lab
Just like its scientific-sounding name, fitness is serious business at The Lab. This gym promises a unique, inspiring experience for each one of its users, with fitness routines based around what you — and your body — need. There are four different methods to choose from: Grind, Shift, Transform, and Flow. Grind is based mostly around strength training, while Shift, Transform, and Flow are variations on traditional cycling, barre/Pilates, and yoga practices, respectively. You can combine your methods or pick which ones best suit you for a tailored fitness experience; classes at The Lab are friendly for beginners and pros alike.

The best part of working out at The Lab could be the Honest Bar, a juice and smoothie bar with grab-and-go snacks for post-class nourishment. The ingredients are super fresh and exactly what you need after burning a crazy amount of calories.

110 San Antonio St. Ste. 160; $28 per class/class packages offered

Orangetheory Fitness
You may have seen a bunch of orange bikes around town the last several months. No, it's not a PSA — it's an advertisement for Orangetheory Fitness. Orangetheory's philosophy is based around high-intensity interval training, indoor rowing, and weight training blocks. The 60-minute workouts are designed to push you into the "orange zone," which they say helps you burn calories quicker thanks to the way your body consumes oxygen in the minutes following your exercise. It all sounds very fancy and scientific, but underneath all the frills, Orangetheory is truly just a good, hard workout with trainers who push you to your limits.

After a few weeks of classes at Orangetheory, you'll see results when it comes to muscle endurance and strength, and you'll be glad that Texas summers last well into fall, because you'll want to show off your guns for as long as possible.

Various locations across Austin, Round Rock, and Leander; three tiers of memberships/class packages offered

Blackbird Fitness and Nutrition
While the first three studios listed here have more tailored fitness regimes, Blackbird Fitness and Nutrition is Austin's latest no-frills, all-business gym. But don't get us wrong, the workouts are still wonderfully intense. It offers personal training, nutrition coaching, and group classes for a well-rounded fitness routine. Base your personal training goals around weight loss, lean body mass, or just overall fitness, and one of the gym's personal trainers will help you meet your goals.

And have you ever heard the saying abs are made in the kitchen not the gym? Blackbird trainers will help you learn what you should put into your body and what you should avoid. Round that off with boot camp, cardio, yoga, Tabata, and core-strengthening classes, and you'll be buying new jeans by Christmas.

2400 E. Cesar Chavez St. Ste. 316A; $12 per class/class packages offered/personal training and nutrition coaching priced individually