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Dog delivers human skull to shocked owners in South Austin

Dog delivers human skull to shocked owners in South Austin

KVUE — Police are investigating a suspicious death in Southeast Austin Monday morning.

Police say a dog brought a human skull to its owner's front yard over night near Fallwell Lane and Puebla Drive. Although there is no visible trauma to the skull, police say it is "weathered" and officials believe it has been there for some time.

The homeowner called police just before 7 am on Monday morning to report the discovery.

The dog who allegedly found the skull is a yellow labrador retriever named Carly. Police accompanied Carly and her owner on a search of the neighborhood Monday, to see if she would return to the spot where she found the skull. Police hoped Carly would turn up other bones. She did not find anything.

Police say cadaver dogs will arrive on the scene to do their own search in several days. The Austin Police Department's Missing Person's Unit is now going through dental records to potentially match the skull with a missing person.


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dog finds skull in southeast austin
The dog allegedly brought the "weathered" human skull to its owner's door. Courtesy of KVUE News