Cellphone Ban

Hands-free options for Austin's new cellphone ban

Hands-free options for Austin's new cellphone ban

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A look at hands-free phone options for Austin drivers. Photo by Jason Weaver

KVUE — "New Year. New Law. Get Bluetooth installed." It's the motto these days at Custom Sounds in North Austin.

With Austin's new hands-free law, store manager Jim Skaggs said there have been a lot of car owners looking to upgrade. "We have more than doubled our Bluetooth radio sales in the past month alone," said Skaggs.

So what are your options? Skaggs says you can start at less than $200 with a Bluetooth system that is added to your existing radio. "We can add it to older cars starting at just $199 installed."

Then there are the options with a lot more gadgets, like the $599 radio that mimics your iPhone once you plug it in. Most of the radios and Bluetooth systems are voice-activated so you don't have to use your hands at all.

Skaggs says with the rush, it's best to make an appointment. Expect to spend a few hours waiting for the install to be completed. "The typical installation we can have out in an afternoon so it is a one-day turnaround in every situation," Skaggs said.


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