A Legend Passes

UT loses a legend: Bevo passes away after 11 years of mascot service

UT loses a legend: Bevo passes away after 11 years of mascot service

24 Silver Spurs party April 2013 Bevo longhorn
Sunrise Studly served as the University of Texas mascot for 11 years. Photo by Roswitha Vogler/Photosbyrovo.com

KVUE — The University of Texas mascot Bevo XIV has died Friday after he was diagnosed with bovine leukemia virus. UT announced just after 11:30 am that he passed away in his sleep.

Bevo's diagnosis was first made last week and was confirmed Tuesday by the state's top veterinarians and his long-time veterinarian Dr. John Tarlton, according to the school. Bevo, who had a given name of Sunrise Studly, was resting on the ranch in the company of John T. and Betty Baker, who owned both Bevo XIV and Bevo XIII. The university also announced his retirement following the diagnosis.

Bevo XIV began his tenure at the age of 2 in 2004 and was on the sideline the last time the Longhorns won a national championship in January 2006.

The search for Bevo XV, led by the Silver Spurs Alumni Association, will now begin. The school said the time frame for selection and training has not yet been finalized. However, Texas said it anticipates that Bevo XV will be on the sidelines for the 2016 football season, including the 100th anniversary of Bevo's first appearance at a Texas football game in November.


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