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Whole Foods Market's first television commercial ever to air during World Series

Whole Foods' first television commercial to air during World Series

Whole Foods Market announced Tuesday that it will air its first ever television commercial during the 2014 World Series on October 21.

The minute-long advertisement entitled "Values Matter" is part of an overall brand initiative for the retailer that kicked off on Monday. "The documentary-style video spotlights ranchers, farmers and fishermen that supply products to Whole Foods Market stores," the company said in a press release

Also starting on Monday, visitors to the flagship Whole Foods Market location saw prices on organic produce slashed, as well as new banners throughout the store touting lines from the company's new manifesto. Whole Foods also debuted its new slogan, "America's Healthiest Grocery Store." 

As more low-cost retailers seek to get into the organics game, this aggressive national marketing campaign aims to remind consumers that the Austin-based market was the first to use it as a brand model. "The grocer launched this brand campaign to better inform shoppers of the quality standards and innovations that Whole Foods Market has spent more than 35 years creating," said the release. 

Whole Foods Market's first television advertisement will air Tuesday, October 21 during the first game of the World Series. The San Francisco Giants take on the Kansas City Royals at 7:07 pm.

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Whole Foods will air its first television commercial ever during the World Series. Photo courtesy of Whole Foods