Still Booming

Austin booms among 5 most popular places to move to in the U.S.

Austin booms among 5 most popular places to move to in the U.S.

Austin skyline with Barton Springs Pool and Lady Bird Lake
Where are all those new Austinites coming from? Houston.  RoschetzkyIstockPhoto/Getty Images

A new study shows Texas' major metros are some of the hottest places to move to in the U.S. — and, of course, that includes Austin.

Real estate site CommercialCafe recently looked at "metro-to-metro" migration to see which areas are "winning" in terms of new residents, and a trio of Lone Star cities appears in the top five.

With an average net gain of 32,821 residents, Houston ranks third overall. Dallas-Fort Worth, with an average net gain of 30,639, follows at fourth. And Austin, with an average net gain of 26,733 people, is fifth. (The migration data was based on U.S. Census yearly average estimates for 2013-2017.)

Austin may have gained fewer total residents than its Texas neighbors, but, says the study, "Austin’s population grows by 1.3 percent per year from internal migration alone — the largest percentage growth among our top 10 cities." 

So where are these new residents coming from? Elsewhere in Texas. Austin gained the most new residents from Houston (14,082), followed by Dallas-Fort Worth (11,514) and San Antonio (10,098).

Those are also the most popular locations for Austin residents to move to. On average, more than 9,000 Austin residents relocated to Houston, followed closely by DFW (8,967) and San Antonio (8,501).

"Much of Austin’s growth is due to its status as a new tech city," notes CommercialCafe. "In fact, the number of people working in computer, engineering, and science jobs grew by as much as 7.6 percent year-over-year; the yearly growth rate of the total number of workers in Austin sits at 3.8 percent."

Outside of Texas, the report shows that folks are flocking to Phoenix (No. 1) and California's Inland Empire (No. 2).