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New study names Austin one of the best cities for singles

New study names Austin one of the best cities for singles

As single folks know, the holidays can be particularly rough. Hidden among the Santa-shaped sugar cookies and sips of Manischewitz are land mines in the form of curious relatives asking inappropriate questions about your love life.

This year, however, you can simply smile and say that being single in Austin is wonderful, you're not going to die alone — and you have a study to prove it.

WalletHub's annual roundup of the best and worst cities for singles puts Austin at the top. Out of the 150 most populated cities in the U.S., Austin is ranked the No. 4 best place to be a swinging single. For this study, marketing analysts looked at 25 different metrics that make up the $82 billion dollar dating industry.

The study is broken down into two categories: "The Economics of Dating," and "Romance and Fun." Among the key economic factors the study analyzes are average restaurant cost, average rent, job growth and median household income. Though our job growth is one of the best in the nation, Austin's lack of affordable housing likely led to our paltry score of 52.

But what we lack in affordability, we make up for in fun. Under "Romance and Fun," we scored very high in the gender balance category (No. 2) and landed an overall score of 7. 

While Austin is the best city for singles in Texas, the No. 1 city in the nation (according to WalletHub) is Boise, Idaho. Plano is the second highest Texas city on the list coming in at No. 20. Dallas comes in at No. 70, San Antonio follows at No. 86. And single Houstonians, beware: Space City comes in at No. 92. 

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Austin is the No. 4 best city the U.S. to be single.