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Austin is being mocked for decision to 'postpone' New Year's Eve

Austin is being mocked for decision to 'postpone' New Year's Eve

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Postponing New Year's Eve has people making fun of us. Courtesy photo

First things first: Yes, we're babies when it comes to cold weather. Sit us in direct sun when it's 95 degrees outside? We can handle it. Tell us it may rain? We're canceling our brunch plans and staying home. But telling us there is a potential for rain and cold temperatures? We're postponing everything — including New Year's Eve. 

On Tuesday, the City of Austin announced that it would be postponing the New Year's Eve celebration and fireworks slated to take place at Butler Park. Many of us, especially northern transplants, had a laugh, maybe posted a sassy status update on social media and moved on. But then everyone else started to chime in with the jokes, and frankly, we're not having any of it. (It's akin to when someone makes fun of your sibling and you're suddenly outraged. I can make fun of my brother, but you cannot.) 

First up was Mashable, who started off with this hilarious zinger, "The City of Austin just can't get enough of 2014." The The Washington Post jumped on the bandwagon with a piece entitled, "Acceptable excuses to ignore New Year’s Eve, brought to you by the City of Austin." This from a newspaper who declared Austin was "out" for 2014. The audacity.

And this has led to all sorts of confusion. 

And hilarious name calling. 

Because we just can, Dave.

This story has made it all the way to Canada. Apparently Canadians think we all look like this:

And then there was this guy, who just makes an excellent point.