SXSW 2018

SXSW's coveted 2018 wristbands for Austin residents on sale now

SXSW's coveted 2018 wristbands for Austin residents on sale now

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SXSW wristbands are now on sale for Austin residents. Photo by Daniel Cavazos

One of the benefits of giving up our city for 10 days a year is the dream of the elusive, Austinites-only SXSW wristband. On Tuesday, January 16, the festival issued its annual somewhat surprise announcement of the sale, and the news couldn't have come at a better time. As we battle the throes of these hard Austin winters, it's nice to be reminded that spring is just around the corner. (Well, in our case, it's really is just right around the corner. It's supposed to be 70 degrees on Saturday.)

Beginning at 11 am on January 16, organizers are offering SXSW Music wristbands to Austin-area residents for $169. The credentials offer secondary access to all official SXSW music showcases from March 12-18, 2018. 

In order to snag a wristband, the buyer must purchase online and have a credit card with an Austin ZIP code. (A list of approved ZIP codes can be found here.) Customers may buy two wristbands, but both names must be provided at the time of purchase, and each individual must pick up their band in-person with a valid ID. Wristbands can be picked up March 12-17 at the Austin Convention Center. 

In addition to gaining entry to over 100 stages, festival organizers point out that the wristbands enable locals to catch more than 2,000 international, national, and regional artists over the course of the fest. 

For more information, and to purchase a wristband, go here. Be forewarned, released in limited quantities, these wristbands sell out fast.