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Eastside Cafe's shocking shutter, Lou's Bodega controversy, plus more headlines

Eastside Cafe's shutter, Lou's Bodega controversy, plus more headlines

Eastside Cafe exterior
The Manor Road restaurant announced it will close at the end of January. Eastside Cafe/Facebook

Editor's note: Gloomy weather ahead for this holiday weekend, so why not warm up with a piping hot dish of the week's hottest headlines? (And as far as that last sentence, all we can say is sometimes you're clever and sometimes you're not. Apologies.)

1. Legendary East Austin restaurant ends 31-year run after sale to acclaimed local chef. Hearts broke around the city when news that Eastside Cafe, the Manor Road restaurant credited with ushering in much of Austin's current farm-to-table movement, is closing. For those worried the sweet bungalow will be turned into, say a Shake Shack, rest assured; Suerte owner Sam Hellmann-Mass has purchased the spot.

2. New cafe called Lou's Bodega is opening old wounds in East Austin. On January 15, Lou's Bodega opened on the east side. In the days that followed, a firestorm of controversy was unleashed on social media. The story isn't really about a cafe, or even the controversy, but about a choice facing the entire city.

3. Lance Armstrong rides out of Austin to live in artful Aspen mansion. Once one of Austin's most revered celebrities, Lance Armstrong has decamped for Colorado. (And a very, very nice art collection.)

4. East Austin 'bodega' opening this week, Antonelli's slices up free cheese, and more food news.  As you may know by now, Lou's Bodega opened this week. Also on the radar is a new bakery from a farmers market favorite and the return of Hoek's Death Metal Pizza.

5. Austin woman makes dazzling debut at ritzy International Debutante Ball. A young Austinite recently made a Texas-sized debut International Debutante Ball. The New York City affair gathers the daughters of some of the world's wealthiest and most prestigious families.