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Event roundup: What to do with your boo this Valentine's weekend

Event roundup: What to do with your boo this Valentine's weekend

Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
#RelationshipGoals: These two lovebirds during a screening of Casablanca at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
Crank Collective_The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde_musical_2015
#SquadGoals: The Barrow Gang in The True Tale of Bonnie and Clyde. Courtesy of Crank Collective
House of Torment_Valentine X_Bear Butcher2015
#FitnessGoals: Running away from the Bear Butcher and his friends during House of Torment's Valentine X experience. House of Torment/Facebook
Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
Crank Collective_The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde_musical_2015
House of Torment_Valentine X_Bear Butcher2015

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, there's an entire weekend's worth of date ideas at your disposal. From classic movie screenings to tantalizing burlesque productions to bloody free-for-alls, here are our top picks.

Ballet Austin presents Belle Redux: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Taking your Valentine to the ballet may sounds like the most basic date idea, but this show from Ballet Austin is a fresh retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story. What started as a fairytale in the 1700s is now a fantastic spectacle that incorporates the many different versions of Belle and Beast's love affair.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Tickets start at $15

Casablanca screening with dinner
Another classic tale, Casablanca makes for a timeless date movie. Enjoy a special screening at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz with a four-course menu that includes chicken targine, tabouli and more in addition to exquisite wine pairings.
Friday; $65

House of Torment presents Valentine X
Tired of all the standard suggestions and Hallmark cheesiness? Head over to our Halloween fave, House of Torment, for a bloody, terrifying experience instead. 
Friday and Saturday; $24.99-$34.99

Shoal Crossing Social Club presents the Biggest St. Valentine's Bash
The Shoal Crossing Social Club is throwing a massive party for Valentine's Day. Add a dash of luxury to the evening with a three-course meal, dancing and (of course) romancing.
Friday; $18-$63

The Institution Theater presents Hurly Burly
Turn up the heat with The Sugarbowl Cabaret's production of Hurly Burly, an ever-evolving and improvised story about a burlesque performer's dance through the stage of life.
Friday; $10

Crank Collective presents The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde
Although we don't recommend going on a massive crime spree, we do suggest going to see The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde at The City Theatre. Based off newspaper articles from the 1930s, this play follows the reporters who glorified the infamous lovers and the Barrow Gang.
Friday and Saturday; $10-$20

Mortified: The Valentine's Edition
Discover just how good you have it at Spider House Ballroom during this special Valentine's edition of Mortified, the story-sharing spectacle where everyday people tell real life tales of embarrassment, shame and regret.
Friday and Saturday; $12-$15, standing room only tickets remain

The Institution Theater presents LoveFest
LoveFest is exactly what it sounds like: a melting pot of different performances, games, readings and music with once common theme: hate. Just kidding, it's love.
Friday and Saturday; $10

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in presents 10 Nights of Valentines
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday this east side drive-in will be showing some great romantic favorites, including The Princess Bride, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday. The weekend's special snack deal comes with all the Valentine's essentials: soda, popcorn, candy and a rose.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Prices vary

Salvage Vanguard Theater presents Three Zist3rs
Exploration of gender roles, classic Russian plays, zombies — what else could you ask for on a Valentine's date? Check out THR3E ZISTERS, an adaptation that brings Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters to modern times. Did we mention that there will be zombies?
Friday and Saturday; $20

Art reception for John Grade's Canopy Tower
Artist John Grade's impressive wooden construction will be suspended from the trees at Laguna Gloria. Join Grade and fellow art enthusiasts for a discussion of his work and stroll around the beautiful grounds.
Saturday; Admission is free

The Golden Age Orchestra Valentine's Concert
Forget 2015. Travel back in time to the 1950s for a special performance of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra tunes by the Golden Age Orchestra. famous Austin singers such as Suzanna Choffel, Gina Chavez and Luis Angel Ibanez take the stage at Scottish Rite Theater.
Saturday; Tickets start at $50, VIP tables are sold out

Monsoon Dance presents A Date with Bollywood
Monsoon Dance makes Valentine's Day as glamorous and entertaining as Bollywood itself. Enjoy a three-course dinner of savory Indian food, live Bollywood performances, an open dance floor and more.
Saturday; Tickets start at $60

Fat Bottom Cabaret's Midnight Menagerie presents A Touch of Love
Another great burlesque adventure, this Fat Bottom Cabaret variety show showcases some of the best burlesque talent in our great state.
Saturday; $15-$35

Swipe to the Right Night II
Have you had a horrible Tinder experience? Swipe To The Right Night II, will cure your Valentine's Day hangover with dinner and tales of online dating. 
Sunday; Admission is free

Texas Roller Derby: Hellcats versus Holy Rollers
Nothing says love like the ladies of the Texas Roller Derby battling it out. Head over to the Palmer Events Center and watch the Hellcats take on the Holy Rollers.
Sunday; $15