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Taissa Farmiga talks off-screen chemistry and the making of The Final Girls

Taissa Farmiga talks chemistry and the making of The Final Girls

In a world full of Hollywood starlets, celebrity divas and viral TMZ videos, it's not often that you hear about the cast of a movie getting along as well as, well, kids at summer camp.

During its SXSW premiere, CultureMap caught up with the stars of The Final Girlsan upcoming horror comedy flick that is equal parts terrifying, hilarious and endearing. The film follows Max (played by American Horror Story actress Taissa Farmiga) and her friends as they are sucked into a classic, cheesy 1980s horror movie starring Max's mother (Malin Ackerman).

The off-camera chemistry between all of the actors translated well onto the screen, where most of the story takes place at a fictional summer camp. "We shot at an actual summer camp," explains Nina Dobrev, who plays Max's friend Vicki. "We're all adults, but I felt like we became kids at a camp. It was a really fun vibe."

"When I say it, I genuinely mean it — I love the entire cast," insists Farmiga. "We had such a blast. Everyone's so funny and we just mesh so well." Co-star Ackerman reaffirms the sentiment. "Honestly the best cast, the best crew, the script is incredible and the final product really reflects just everybody's love for it," she says. "We all still hang out whenever we can!"

An official release date for The Final Girls has yet to be announced, but you can catch more from the cast in the video above.

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The Final Girls co-stars, Malin Ackerman and Taissa Farmiga, both insisted that off-camera chemistry translated well to on-screen success. Courtesy of SXSW