Spotlight: San Antonio

New Bravo reality show spotlights real San Antonio housewives with Mexican roots

Bravo series spotlights real San Antonio housewives with Mexican roots

Texicanas Bravo
Texicanas stars six San Antonio locals, including Penny Ayarzagoitia, who can apparently do the splits. Photo courtesy of Bravo

It may not technically be a Real Housewives franchise, but six San Antonio women, all with families, and who like fancy things, are set to star in Bravo's newest reality series.

On March 27, Bravo, which, lest we forget, began as a channel dedicated to showcasing international performing arts, announced the cast for Texicanas, a new show chronicling the lives of wealthy Texan Mexican-Americans living in the Alamo City.

"The show follows six San Antonio ladies as they navigate love, family, and, of course, drama, all while maintaining their connection to Mexican culture and traditions," Bravo's Hannah Fusaro teases in a release.

All six of the local stars have ties to Mexico, having either been born there, or have family in the country.

Those making their reality show debut include Penny Ayarzagoitia, the self-billed "Queen of Real Estate," who runs a real estate firm with her husband, Raul. Also getting her moment in the sun is Mayra Farret, who Bravo bills as a "people-pleaser," a quality that apparently gets her in trouble.

Joining Ayarzagoitia and Farret in the Texicanas cast is "social butterfly" Lorena Martinez, who is in a "traditional machista" marriage; Anayancy Nolasco, a single mom and the show's only Mexican national; entrepreneur Karla Ramirez; and real estate agent/boxing gym owner Luz Ortiz.

The release teases little else, but a sneak preview shows the ladies traipsing through a party decked out in their Fiesta finery, taking part in a Spartan race, traveling to faraway and fabulous locations, and of course fighting. After all, it wouldn't be an Andy Cohen show without a bunch of women yelling at each other.

Catch San Antonio's newest Bravo-lebrities when Texicanas premieres on May 7 at 9 pm CT, for what is being billed as Tex-Mex Tuesdays. Please excuse us while our eyes roll into the back of our heads.