corporate america rocks?

HAAM’s 2012 Corporate Battle of the Bands Benefit will rock Antone’s in support of local musicians

HAAM’s 2012 Corporate Battle of the Bands Benefit will rock Antone’s in support of local musicians

Sweet 505
Sweet 505 sponsored by ChooseWhat SWEET 505 is the crown jewel of the ChooseWhat brand. After spending years researching the small business start-up guide, our analysis team turned their attention to what matters most in the Live Music Capital of the World. We have spent countless hours in the record store and the recording studio trying to find the smoothest bass grooves, the hardestrocking back beats,and the most face melting solos available. Keeping track of today’s music scene can become a full time job, but ChooseWhat’s Sweet 505 is here to deliver the purest rock and roll on the market.  Relax, let down your hair, and get your lighters ready while April, Sam, Casey, Gaines, and Koby deliver the hardest rocking show of the evening.
The Goo Gle Dolls
the Goo Gle Dolls sponsored by Google  
THE  GOO GLE DOLLS is a supergroup comprised of 2 local Austin groups, The Friendly
Savages and OJ & Caleb--all of whose members are also Google Austin employees!
Blending the Friendly Savages folk/rock/indie sounds with OJ & Caleb’s R&B and Soul
cover songs, they’re ready to take the Battle of the Bands (and the world) by storm! 
When not rocking out, their main hobby is “being totally zen, bro.”
Packet Racket
Packet Racket sponsored by Anue Sysyems  
PACKET RACKET is influenced by the Funk Rock music of the 70’s and brings that style and 
influence to the stage. Playing a get-down set of funkadelic tunes with a matching groove and 
look, these four guys and two babes put down a hip mix of head banging, cowbell whacking, 
wanna get-your-groove-on tunes.
My So-Called Band
My So-Called Band sponsored by Goerge & Brothers, LLP  
of three lawyers and two engineers 
who came of age in that golden era 
of angst, dockers, flannel, overuse 
of the word “awesome,” and rage 
against no one in particular… 
otherwise known as the 1990s. 
So whether you were in college or 
preschool when these songs came 
out, MSCB hopes that these tunes 
will help you reminisce a little, get 
angry at the establishment some, 
and sing along!
Light the Sun
Light the Sun sponsored by HEB  
Light the Sun is an original rock band based 
out of Austin and formed in the summer of 
2011.  Comprised of four members, the band is:
Will-vocalist/guitarist, Kyle-lead guitar, Matt-bass 
and Cody-drums. Currently, Light the Sun is gigging 
and interested in playing new venues as well as 
continuing to create and write new music.  In the 
future, the band plans to sign to a label and create 
and record new and exciting rock music.
Earthbound sponsored by Heart Clinic of Austin  
Sponsored by Heart Clinic of Austin, 
EARTHBOUND has been known as many 
names, and was first formed in a hot, 
crowded garage a little over a year ago 
by guitarist Brent Michel and drummer 
Max Malerba. Both devoted musicians, 
Max has been playing drums since middle 
school and is strongly influenced by a 
wide variety of bands including Blink 182, 
Block Party, and Nirvana. Brent has been 
playing music since he was eight years old, 
and plays guitar, bass, piano, drums and 
takes voice lessons in his spare time. After 
going through 3 bassists and 4 singers over 
the past year they have finally found the 
perfect fit with Lydia Kolda, who plays bass 
and does lead vocals. They hope to go far 
in the music world, and make their passion 
a full-time career in the not-so-distant 
Driver sponsored by HPI Corporate Services  
Austin Texas’ Alt-country Rock Band DRIVER is the product of a bunch of musicians who just 
won’t let a dream die. These retreads from bands such as the eighties rock band Mainstreet out 
of northern Virginia, and Austin band Javelin Boot just can’t get music out of their system. Many 
years after the success of their original bands, Driver has created a buzz as one of Austin’s best 
songwriting groups, and one that is such fun to watch. The reason lies in the music, and their joy 
in playing it.  Whether it is the strong melodies, beautiful three part harmonies, or the cutting 
guitar work, Driver brings a modern look at classic genres such as Americana,  Alt country and 
straight up Rock and Roll. If you hear influences from groups such as the Eagles, Crosby Stills, 
Nash and Young, and the Byrds, then you’ll know the roots that inspired this great new music.
BOTH FEET sponsored by Seton Healthcare Family  
Two Alaska grown singer-songwriters and their Texan rhythm section mix musical sounds from 
past generations into a fresh style that connects with today’s listeners. BOTH FEET’s original music 
is strong, full of life and passion, making their stage presence and energy infectious. They live for 
playing music steeped in traditional blues, as well as blending sounds of early R&B, soul, hip-hop, 
reggae, funk and good old Southern style and heavy Rock-n-Roll. Their self-penned tunes will not 
only make you sit up and listen, but make you want to get up and dance.
Atomic Large Band
Atomic Large Band sponsored by Intel Corporation  
THE ATOMIC LARGE BAND is comprised of 10 Intel engineers who play music for fun although 
many of them have been part of numerous bands throughout their high-school, college and 
professional careers; this is the 1st time this large band will perform together in a public venue. 
Instruments include various guitars (Hank Howell, Kyle Durand, Gian Gerosa) , drums (Warren 
Ashford), bass (Mike Putrino), keyboards (George Eleftheriou), saxophone (Dylan Pfeifer), trumpet 
(Jorge Reyes), violin (Sam Chang) and of course several singers (Drake Dowsett, Kyle Durand, and 
Mike Putrino). Their music repertoire covers pop, country, rock, blues and funk tunes.
After Party
Corporate Battle of the Bands 2012
Sweet 505
The Goo Gle Dolls
Packet Racket
My So-Called Band
Light the Sun
Atomic Large Band
After Party
Corporate Battle of the Bands 2012

Austin is central to an enormous pool of talented musicians. But being a musician doesn’t necessarily always ensure benefits that other jobs around Austin may provide. Luckily, there is the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) to help out with that.

Their mission is to “provide access to affordable health care for Austin's low income, uninsured working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness.”

In order to help fund this organization and help support Austin’s local musicians, Cirrus Logic and HEB will be presenting the 2012 Corporate Battle of the Bands benefit concert on Thursday, April 19 at Antone’s. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets are $10, which you can purchase, here.

According to the event page, 10 bands that are sponsored by Austin-area companies will battle it out, vying for celebrity judges’ votes, audience’s favor and grand prizes. Here’s the kicker: Each band is actually comprised of talented musicians from the company that sponsors them.

In addition to the battle, the event will also be holding a silent auction that include Randy Rogers concert packages, VIP tickets to FunFunFun Fest, gift baskets, ACL and SXSW packages and more.

The benefit will be hosted by Trevin and Deidre from 101X and will be judged by Tad Kinchla, Tim League and Carlos Sosa.

Here’s a lineup of the bands and companies featured in the competition:

6:30-6:45 - Packet Racket (Anue Systems)

7:00-7:15 - Sweet 505 (ChooseWhat)

7:30-7:45 - Both Feet (Seton Healthcare Family)

8:00-8:15 - Driver (HPI Corporate Services)

8:30-8:45 - Earthbound (Heart Clinic of Austin)

9:00-9:15 - My So-Called Band (George & Brothers, LLP)

9:30-9:45 - The Goo Gle Dolls (Google)

10:00-10:15 - Atomic Large Band (Intel Corporation)

10:30-10:45 - Light the Sun (H-E-B)

11:00-11:15 - Superheterodyne (Cirrus Logic)

You can learn more about each band by viewing the slideshow on the right.


The 2012 Corporate Battle of the Bands benefit will take place on Thursday, April 19 from 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. at Antone’s. An after party featuring Learning Secrets and Zeale starts at 11 p.m. after the awards ceremony. You can purchase tickets for $10 at ticketfly