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Austin's first CBD cannabis oil shop opens, local grocery store shutters, and more hot stories

First buzz on Austin's new CBD cannabis oil shop and more hot stories

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The Rosewood shop is Rawsome's second location. Its first is in Fort Worth. Photo by Nancy Mowins Farrar

Editor's note: This week's hottest stories were all about change. While a new shop opened, a local favorite closed, and a national conversation about the Second Amendment found Austin's own YETI coolers in the crosshairs of the NRA. Read on to learn more about Austin's hottest headlines. 

1. Austin's first-ever CBD cannabis oil shop quietly rolls into town without buzz. Though it's been open since mid-March, Rawsome, Austin's first shop to only sell CBD cannabis oil is just now starting to get buzz. The new Rosewood Avenue store sells small-batch, handcrafted CBD oils in a variety of potencies and price points. 

2. Austin-based YETI coolers blasts back after NRA sparks controversy. YETI found itself in the middle of a "shame game" with the National Rifle Association. After NRA shamed YETI in an open letter for cutting ties with the organization, the Austin-based company blasted back with an open letter of its own.

3. Austin's first nonstop flight to this Caribbean paradise is cleared for takeoff. For the first time, passengers heading to Punta Cana can fly directly from ABIA. Better act fast if you're planning a trip to the D.R., though; the flights only run June through August.

4. Uchi launches affordable late-night menu and McConaughey pours new bourbon in this batch of Austin food news. Austinites undying love for all things Uchi proved itself yet again this week. The foodie favorite recently announced it was adding a patio-only, late-night menu to its offerings. Readers and CultureMap staffers alike were equally thrilled by the news.

5. Austin's groundbreaking green grocery store announces 'heartbreaking' closure. Cherrywood's In.gredients made headlines in 2011 when it became the first-ever package-free grocery store in the U.S. Sadly, even after making changes to its business model, the groundbreaking grocer shut its doors this week.