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The Pop Almanac Podcast #34: The Dictator

The Pop Almanac Podcast #34: The Dictator

How far does Austin go? Today Brendan and Duncan went all the way south the the brand new Alamo Slaughter Lane (despite the lack of vintage clothing shops and omlettries in plain sight). After discussing how well the Alamo brand translates to franchising, your hosts discuss the reason for the trip: Larry Charles and Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator, released this week.

Are there any other director/star teams that make reputable comedies these days? Maybe Adama McKay and Will Ferrell? The results of Charles' evolution into a filmmaker from his background in Seinfeld, other TV work and the faux-documentary aesthetic of Borat have been remarkably assured, as The Dictator is a film of deft timing and surprising restraint (for a film that includes crass gags involving nudity, feces, and a severed head). 
This week's Pop Almanac is the first movie discussion that avoids major spoilers, since The Dictator just came out. Listen to the episode and see if it sounds worth seeing!

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