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Austin stay-home order extended through December, plus more popular stories

Austin stay-home order extended through December and more top stories

Downtown Austin skyline
Austin's stay-home order has been extended. Again. Nicholas McComber/Getty Images

Editor's note: It's that time again — time to check in with our top stories. Here are five articles that captured our collective attention over the past seven days.

1. Austin stay-home order extended through mid-December as COVID-19 cases plateau. The novel coronavirus is on a downward trend in Austin — and local health officials want to keep it that way. After initially announcing the latest stay at home order would expire in November, the City of Austin has now extended it through mid-December. Happy holidays, indeed.

2. Mueller developer on track to transform Northeast Austin neighborhood. Some are calling this "the new Mueller," which makes sense considering it's the same developer. The California-based company inked a deal to transform the 208-acre site in Northeast Austin, but note that the contract is just preliminary and may not even be complete until 2022.

3. Hill Country resort opens lazy river to locals to get away for the day. If the dog days of summer seem particularly brutal this year, you're not alone. One Hill Country resort is making them a little less, ahem, "ruff."

4. Alamo Drafthouse lifts the curtain on highly anticipated reopening date. Austin's homegrown theater chain is reopening. Nearly half of its U.S. locations — including Slaughter Lane — opened on Friday, August 21.

5. Downtown Austin ramen and sushi spot shutters permanently due to COVID-19. Ni-Kome, the Fareground food hall outpost of the popular Airport Boulevard restaurant Kome, is closed. The owners announced earlier this summer that their downtown ramen spot, Daruma, was also closing.