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Austin entrepreneur's 'sacred' studio is place for movement and mysticism

Austin entrepreneur's 'sacred' studio is for movement and mysticism

Crimson Minx
Crimson Minx is the founder of Minx + Muse. Photo courtesy of Minx + Muse

Austin’s weird is more than off-the-wall outfits and zany festivals. In its loftiest interpretation, it signifies that we are interested in growing in unexpected ways, that we eschew the banal and encourage innovation.

At a time when women are breaking boundaries, shattering glass ceilings, and demanding equality in everything, it makes sense that a space like Minx + Muse would show up in the Capital City. Housed in a small building off West 37th Street, near the University of Texas campus, Minx + Muse offers classes, workshops, and hosts events combining body movement and the mystical.

Inside, the studio might be described as a sacred lady den. Candlelit with red walls, plush pillows, and yes, poles, it’s both provocative and evocative, deliberately channeling both bordello and church.

Classes offered by the studio are things like spellbound striptease, introduction to esoteric intention, and sacred sensual stretch. Attendees are encouraged to wear anything that makes them feel good, whether that's traditional workout leggings or bright-red lipstick.

Compared to other studios, Minx + Muse battles an interesting perception. “It can be challenging to convey that the work we do is not frivolous,” explains founder Crimson Minx. The studio’s existence is rooted in her personal journey, one that includes both sensual dance and the pursuit of esoteric, or as she says “witchy” knowledge.

“These feminine practices were critical to finding my self-confidence and personal power. They literally changed my life,” says Minx. “That’s why I chose to dedicate myself to them.”

As Minx describes it, the studio is a “fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery, transformative movement, and mystical exploration.” Unlike many places promising a discovery of self through some adherence to a body norm, Minx + Muse hopes to help people grow “at a soul level.” It’s a place for people to connect with their bodies while also creating magic in the everyday.

”People invest in ‘masculine’ activities [like] physical fitness, mental acuity, individualized competition, but don’t invest in the feminine [such as] sensuality, creative vulnerability, emotional aptitude, collaborative growth.”

Embracing these feminine practices, says Minx, is a way to “add joy and balance to life … but also to shift the current energetic paradigm centered around stress and chaos.”

Seeing that shift — both individual and at large — has been the most fulfilling part of the business. “We are seeing a beautiful and long-lasting impact,” Minx says. “Our clients have pulled through depressive episodes, they’ve left abusive relationships, they’ve found a community/coven of kind, supportive, and inspiring individuals they otherwise weren’t able to cultivate in traditional venues like gyms or churches.”

Minx looks forward to expanding when the time comes. Maybe a new location or a larger space, but in the meantime, she says she’s listening to client feedback and taking courses to learn more about her craft.

For other dreamers, she offers this sage wisdom: “Be patient and allow for slow growth in order to build a strong foundation. And don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary to keep Austin weird!”