ACL Music Fest 2018
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Austin's most famous potter shares his ACL Music Fest survival tips

Austin's most famous potter shares his ACL Music Fest survival tips

Keith Kreeger does not actually call himself an Austin City Limits Music Festival expert, but judging by his social media, we certainly consider him one. The Austin ceramicist has hosted impromptu backstage pottery classes, always seems to be hanging out with cool bands, and is usually accompanied by one of his three kids. ("I'm the cool dad two weekends a year," he joked before our interview kicked off.)

Since Instagram never lies, we asked Kreeger to join us in our CultureMap tent at ACL, designed by Scavenged Vintage, to share a few tips and tricks to maximize the festing experience. As the temperatures continued to climb during weekend one, Kreeger brought two of his classic cups and mixed up his favorite simple cocktail (watch the video to find out which one) while disclosing his ultimate ACL survival guide.

1. Make a friend who lives nearby.
Arguably the trickiest tip on our list, but the one that will undoubtedly pay off in dividends. 

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
A lesson many ACL-goers have learned the hard way and a good reminder that October in Austin can still bring brutal temps.

3. Eat first, then rage.
Lines get longer as the day goes on, so eat as soon as you get the park. (Eating also provides an important base for step four.)

4. Simple always works.
Like pottery, cocktails should be simple. Whether it's a local beer or a simple Tito's and Topo, choose easy sippers. 

5. Beware of citrus burns.
The struggle is real, y'all. 

Check out the video above by Morgan Dhée and Alex Dhée of @WingedSunProductions to learn more of Kreeger's tips — and stay tuned as we continue to share more backstage moments from ACL Music Festival 2018.

Keith Kreeger ACL Fest
Keith Kreeger shares his tips. Photo by Daniel Cavazos