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Austin lawyers co-star in hilarious legal-themed musical romp for charity

Austin lawyers co-star in hilarious legal-themed musical for charity

Night Court
Texas legal stars perform in Virtually Legal. Photo courtesy of Night Court

Breaking news: Lawyers can be theatrical.

We kid, of course (and hope we don’t get sued), but would like to point out that that sense of theatricality is effective in the appropriately named Virtually Legal, a comedic musical romp for charity that includes a group of Austin lawyers performing. 

The new show featuring barristers from around Austin, Houston, Dallas, and is streaming now (check it out here) through January 1, 2022. Tickets are $20 and viewers can donate to any or all of the four charitable organizations during the performance. For some added value, legal professionals can receive one hour of Ethics CLE credit for attending the streaming production.

One part parody, one part musical, one part instructional video, Virtually Legal features bits such as “Include Me” (inspired by the hit song “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman), which centers on the importance of diversity, openness, and inclusion.

Another number dubbed “Is it Constitutional?” (informed by the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton) is an entertaining constitutional law refresher and an engaging primer for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Meanwhile, the Beatles-inspired “Back in the Texas State Bar” (see what they did there?) throws in a little Dr. Evil from Austin Powers in a hilarious examination of ethics.

Performances will include acts from Austin’s Bar & Grill (presented by the Austin Young Lawyers Association), Bar None (presented by the Dallas Bar Association), Houston’s Night Court, and The Tortfeasors of Tarrant County.

Donations during the show can be made to the Austin Bar Association’s Austin Young Lawyers Association Foundation; Houston Volunteer Lawyers, a pro bono service arm of the Houston Bar Association; Dallas’ Sarah T. Hughes Diversity Scholarship; and Tarrant County’s Tarrant Area Food Bank.

“This is a great time to laugh and enjoy while you give a helping hand to those in need,” says Tara Taheri, a Houston attorney who will perform in Virtually Legal. For more information, visit the official site.