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Austin-based Bumble accidentally deletes dating profile of Hollywood A-lister

Austin's Bumble accidentally deletes dating profile of Hollywood star

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Austin-based Bumble made big news this week. Courtesy of Bumble/Facebook

Like so many looking for love, Sharon Stone joined Bumble hoping to find a date, but was instead felt the sting of rejection... at least temporarily.

On December 29, the Hollywood star tweeted the Austin-based company, saying her account had been suspended just days after joining the app. The news caused quite a bit of buzz.

Naturally, when one of the most beautiful women in the world is getting blocked from a dating app (and it's the week between Christmas and New Year's, a time when the entire news cycle grinds to an impossibly frustrating halt), the news made national headlines, with everyone from the Washington Post and CNN to People and Entertainment Weekly covering it.

As Vanity Fair first reported — cause even the writers at Vanity Fair are dying for news this week — Bumble wasn't aware of the issue until the company's editorial director, Clare O'Connor, saw Stone's tweet and replied.

Some Twitter users — including one called Patriot whose bio notes they are a "stable genius" — were quick to call the entire thing a publicity stunt. O'Connor countered, tweeting, "I promise you, if we’d masterminded this, it wouldn’t be for the middle of the night east coast time on Dec 30."

As for Stone, who is also a mother of three, she took the news in stride — kinda. After Bumble tweeted an apology and made a joke about "Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct get[ting] a pass today," the Oscar-nominated actor responded with a somewhat confusing tweet. 

All's well that ends well, we suppose. And here's hoping the news cycle returns to normal on January 2. Happy New Year.