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Look hot all winter long with these expert skin and makeup tips

Look hot all winter long with these expert skin and makeup tips

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Living in Texas, we don’t have it quite as bad as most of the world during the winter, but the cold, drier and gloomier months can still take their toll. Not to mention the damage caused to our skin by the excesses of the holiday season — too many late nights hopping from party to party, indulging on endless hors' d'oeuvre and champagne toasts.

Here are a few tips to help address your cold weather skin conditions and stay looking hot during the winter months.

1. Exfoliate and moisturize

First and most importantly, let’s talk skin. Everything you put in — or don’t put in — your body shows up on the skin. All the champagne and salty hors d'oeuvre have left dry, flaky, dehydrated skin in their wake. Lower humidity, harsh winds and blazing furnaces can cause the skin to dry out by depleting it of its natural lipid layer.

Moisturizing is essential to glowing skin and they are much more effective when it has been properly exfoliated. I prefer something non-granular so the skin isn't scratched. For deeper exfoliation, use a scrub or exfoliating gel. Start slowly with scrubs, as they can be too aggressive on dry, sensitive skin.

Try Vivitè Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, scientifically formulated to exfoliate, hydrate and shield your skin.

2. Opt for cucumber water or coconut water

Skip the alcohol and fill the wine glasses with refreshing cucumber water or coconut water. Cucumbers help flush sugar from the system, and because of its high potassium and mineral content coconut water has been used for re-hydration and health and beauty for centuries.

Try VitaCoco Pure Coconut water, which also comes in Peach & Mango, Orange, Pineapple and Acai & Pom.

3. Use a primer

During the winter months your skin can appear blotchy, uneven and dull. A primer is great to use all year, but totally essential this time of year. Primers help seal in skin care products and smooth the texture of the skin allowing your foundation to go on more smoothly.

But skip the heavy foundation and opt for a lightweight, oil-free tinted moisturizer to get back your glow. Look for one with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide — also the purest and most effective sun protection. Even though you feel like you haven’t seen the sun in forever, it’s there and it does its damage year around.

Try Rae Cosmetics Surface Primer SPF 20 and Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20 for the perfect pair.

4. Brighten things up with a bronzer

You may be feeling a bit pale and lifeless looking; let’s brighten things up. Start with a bronzer. Go with a bronzer that is probably a shade lighter than you think is best — you shouldn’t try to entirely change the color of your skin. Stay close to your natural skin tone, just a shade or two darker will give you the natural, healthy glow you got by the pool so long ago.

Use a large, fluffy brush with soft, very flexible bristles. Avoid brushes with short or stiff bristles; they are less likely to glide smoothly over the skin for an even distribution and tend to leave splotches or spots of pigment on dryer winter skin.

Don’t just start swishing the brush all over your face; you’ll end up looking like a dirty mess. It’s very easy to apply too much bronzer, so start with a light hand and you can always apply more. Apply in light layers, in natural light if possible. You should apply bronzer to the areas where your skin would actually get the most bronzed if you were to spend a day at the beach… oh, remember the beach.

Apply to the cheeks, tops of cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. If showing, I also like to apply it to the chest and shoulders. I really like to add a pop of a pink blush shade to the apples of the cheeks for a natural sun-kissed and healthy plump look.

Try Rae Cosmetics Bungalow Glow Bronzer; Rae Cosmetics Spring Fling Mineral Bronzer for the perfect hot pink pop.

The best news is, the first day of spring is March 20, just a couple months away. Hang in there.


Rochelle Rae, professional makeup artist and CEO of Rae Cosmetics, shares her tips and favorite products for a fresh look during the cold winter months.