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Restaurant darling Keith Kreeger opening first ceramics shop in East Austin

Restaurant darling Keith Kreeger opening first Austin ceramics shop

Keith Kreeger Showroom
Keith Kreeger Studio Showroom allows patrons to take their favorite wares home. Photo courtesy of Keith Kreeger Studios
Keith Kreeger Showroom
The showroom opens on Feburary 12.  Photo courtesy of Keith Kreeger Studios
Keith Kreeger Showroom
Keith Kreeger Showroom

When dining at any number of Austin’s best restaurants — Olamaie, Emmer & Rye, or Uchi, for instance — one of the most dazzling aspects of the beautiful dishes served is often the plate itself. Who makes these striking pieces? Over and over, the answer is the same: Keith Kreeger.

Ceramicist Kreeger has been throwing clay in Austin since 2009 after moving from Cape Cod. Dedicated to the idea that “objects matter,” his dishes, bowls, and vases reflect an affinity for clean, modern design, but maintain his signature handmade feel. His is art that’s meant for use, living at the intersection of gallery-worthy sculpture and your favorite old coffee mug.

Now, Kreeger’s many fans will finally have the chance to browse and purchase his stunning wares at the new Keith Kreeger Studios Showroom, opening February 12 at the Canopy on Springdale Road in East Austin.

“This new showroom will showcase our entire collection on a day-to-day basis,” says Kreeger in a release. “I’m so excited for this next step for Keith Kreeger Studios. People in Austin have been interacting with my work during their evenings out at many of our city’s great restaurants. Now they can bring the pieces into their homes.”

Among the offerings at the showroom, popular sets like the minimalist Gramercy collection — a monochrome dinnerware assortment adorned simply with a borderline that resembles a sound wave — will be available for purchase. Also available will be one-of-a-kind hand-thrown bowls and large-scale vases. Guests can also pre-order items and commission custom pieces.

“I make pottery because I think the objects we use on a daily basis are as important as what they hold … that a meal with friends that you’ve spent hours preparing calls for dinnerware crafted with the same care,” Kreeger says on his website.

A staple on the tables of more than 40 restaurants nationwide, Kreeger’s distinctive pottery can now find a home in your dining room. “I think you deserve to know the maker of the objects you use every day,” he says. With the opening of Keith Kreeger Studios Showroom, now everyone in Austin has the opportunity to know the artist — and his work — a whole lot better. 


Keith Kreeger Studios Showroom will be open Monday through Friday, 11 am-6 pm, beginning February 12.