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Austin's largest purveyor of vintage goods debuts new home collection

Austin's largest purveyor of vintage goods debuts new home collection

Loot Finer Goods
Loot is expanding beyond rentals. Photo courtesy of Loot Finer Goods

For over six years, sisters-in-law Anna Crelia and Rhoda Brimberry have owned and operated Loot Vintage Rentals, a popular rental and event styling company in Austin — that is also the largest in Texas. Now, the Loot gals are upping the ante by rebranding and launching a new home goods collection: Loot Finer Goods.

Available now, Loot Finer Goods features everything from carefully cultivated and refurbished furniture to unique handmade items ranging from pillows to sofas.

The sisters-in-law’s impeccable taste is on full display here — standout pieces from the new collection include handmade wall hangings from Genuine & Ginger, pillows made from vibrant African and Turkish textiles, and even a pair of original '70s-era Arne Norell Kontiki sofas. Prices range from $60 to $1800, with select higher priced items.

Brimberry and Crelia started Loot Vintage Rentals six years ago, after they found themselves at a loss to find specific, one-of-a-kind decor suited for Crelia’s wedding. With the creation of Loot Vintage in February 2011, they formed a place where other brides could rent a highly curated collection of handmade decor and wedding items.

Today, Loot Vintage has morphed into Loot Rentals, a premier provider of event styling, design, and home staging, in addition to being a one-stop shop for handcrafted inventory that clients can now take home for good.

“A few years after we opened Loot we fell in love with the art of refurbishing vintage furniture with one-of-a-kind textiles. We started adding these custom designed pieces to our rental collection, and the request from clients to purchase them started pouring in,” Brimberry says. “At the time we were unable to fill the purchase requests due to high rental rates but with the growing interested we were inspired to create a small batch home and furniture collection.” 

You can shop the full collection online now, and check out a list of Loot’s design and styling services here.