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Austin's richest ranks high on new Forbes list of world's billionaires

Austin's richest ranks high on new Forbes list of world's billionaires

Austin Photo Set: News_Michael Dell_Aleks_Feb 2013
Austin's Michael Dell slipped a bit in the rankings, even though his net worth has increased since last year. Photo courtesy of

Forbes has updated its eponymous billionaires list for 2017, and Texans make quite a showing among the Bill Gateses, Mark Zuckerbergs, and Warren Buffetts of the world.

Fort Worth-based Alice Walton, an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune and the current chairman of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas, is the highest Lone Star State entrant at No. 17. Her $33.8 billion net worth is far and away the largest of any of the Texans on the global list.

Austin's Michael Dell isn't far behind though. Dell's chairman and CEO is No. 38 with his $20.4 billion, which is thanks in part to the approximately $60 billion merger between Dell and computer storage giant EMC that closed in September 2016. His ranking is down a bit from last year, even though his net worth has gone up.

The self-made Andrew Beal (No. 127, net worth of $10.4 billion); investor Robert Rowling (No. 234, net worth of $6.2 billion); and Trevor Rees-Jones (No. 294, net worth of $5.3 billion) are Dallas' highest entrants.

Oil is the common denominator among Houston's richest. Richard Kinder, chairman and CEO of Kinder Morgan, and his $7 billion are No. 194; and Dannine Avara, Scott Duncan, Milane Frantz, and Randa Williams are all tied at No. 261 with $5.7 billion.

Other big Texas names on the list include Jerry Jones ($5.2 billion), Ray Lee Hunt ($4.8 billion), Robert Bass ($4 billion), H. Ross Perot Sr. ($4 billion), Mark Cuban ($3.4 billion), John Paul DeJoria ($3.1 billion), and W. Herbert Hunt ($2 billion).