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Austin tops list of the best cities for recent grads to score jobs

Austin tops list of the best cities for grads to score jobs

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Austin has been deemed as the No. 7 best city for recent grads in the nation. Photo courtesy of

As graduation approaches, a top concern for college seniors is whether or not they'll score a job right out of school. According to a recent study conducted by NerdWallet, they should consider job hunting in Austin, the seventh best place for recent grads to find jobs.

Nerdwallet ranked the 100 largest U.S. cities based on criteria including the unemployment rate, percentage of residents age 20-29, rent as a percentage of income, and median earnings. In Austin, the median income for residents over 25 with a bachelor's degree is $45,377. About 26 percent of that income goes toward rent. And Austin's unemployment rate sits at a very low 3.4 percent.

"What's not to love about Austin," asks Nerdwallet, citing our entertainment scene, affordable housing and tech jobs. Job competition is high, the study notes, but prospects are strong.

Newcomers will find University of Texas at Austin grads also on the hunt for jobs in the city where 21 percent of the population is 20 to 29 years old ... Job growth is expected to remain strong, and the Austin Technology Council predicts that 9,000 new tech jobs will be created by 2017.

Madison, Wisconsin is the No. 1 best place for recent grads, followed by Arlington, Virginia and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Only one other Texas city is found on the list. Lubbock is the No. 10 spot for grads to find jobs, thanks to its affordability and Texas Tech University. View the entire list here.