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New homebuilding app helps users avoid costly mistakes with a click

New homebuilding app helps users avoid costly mistakes with a click

When it comes time to building or remodeling a home, the to-do list can be a mile long, and that’s before you even get to things like picking out fixtures for the guest bathroom. But a new app from Dallas-based homebuilder Bob Hoebeke called BuildCHX promises to put all the information and planning in the palm of your hand.

Whether it’s about knowing how a builder is drawing up your contract, how to find imperfections before it’s too late or being able to keep all of your tiles, wallpapers and other design choices in one spot, BuildCHX is crafted to create a chronological step-by-step tool for the consumer.

 ​“Surprise is the enemy of any remodeling or building project,” says homebuilder Bob Hoebeke.

Hoebeke, who has been in the homebuilding biz for 35 years, says he created the app after seeing too many projects run into avoidable — and costly — roadblocks.

“Surprise is the enemy of any remodeling or building project,” he says. “The more info we can provide, the less risk the user has of encountering a surprise that costs time and money.”

The app works by providing a check list of reading material designed to keep projects on track and ensuring that each step is taken in the proper order so that there’s no need to go back later to fix a costly mistake.

“A lady who was rebuilding her house after it had burned down contacted us after she downloaded the app,” Hoebeke says. “She was just at the foundation stage, but she had gone through the previous steps and realized she had missed something, so she made a quick call [to her builder] and saved $275.”

BuildCHX also features a Pinterest-esque section that allows users to catalog all of their design choices, from cabinetry to roofing to interior lighting. Instead of an accordion folder full of magazine clippings, each aesthetic choice is stored in the app.

And with the TeamShare option, the user can send selections or notes to everyone on the team, ensuring an open line of dialog among all. By making it easier for the user, it makes the project easier for the builder.

“One of the hardest things about building is collecting selections from homeowners,” Hoebeke says. “Just think in terms of the universe of possibilities. They can be overwhelmed with information, with all selections need to be made. We’ve seen clients really struggle with ‘this one or that one,’ so this really helps the process.”

Because the app allows for up to 10 different projects, it also means that interior designers and builders can keep multiple developments at their fingertips without having to cycle through files on a computer just to find the ceramic tile that one of their clients is referencing in an email.

The app has been out since just late October, but Hoebeke says that he’s been pleased by the response so far. It’s currently only available for iOS, but an Android version is expected to be released by the end of the year.

“The app gets everyone to follow along and sing off same sheet of music,” he says.

Dallas homebuilder Bob Hoebeke created the BuildCHX app to help consumers avoid surprises that cost them time and money.  Photo courtesy of
BuildCHX gives you a step-by-step layout of what to look for when building or remodeling. Photo courtesy of Bob Hoebeke