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Heroic Texas legislator files bill to allow liquor sales on Sundays

Heroic Texas legislator files bill to allow liquor sales on Sundays

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Texas State House Representative Richard Raymond continues his heroic quest to allow us to buy liquor every day of the week with the introduction of HB 937, a new bill striking down the state's Prohibition-era ban on distilled spirits sales on Sundays.

The bill would also extend the hours at package stores: Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm, and Sunday from 12 noon to 10 pm.

Since 2002, 21 states have passed laws permitting sales on Sunday, bringing the total to 43 states.

The only states that still have sales bans on Sunday: Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

"The overwhelming majority of states, including all those surrounding Texas, give adult consumers the option to purchase their favorite distilled spirits any day of the week they choose," says Kristi Brown, from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, a national trade association that represents liquor manufacturers, in a statement.

"Unfortunately, the same is not true for Texans who are prohibited from making distilled spirits purchases on Sundays," Brown says. "It's well past time Texas consumers had the freedom to choose when to make their spirits purchases. We applaud Rep. Raymond for introducing this bill which will provide increased convenience to consumers and additional revenue to the state."

This is not the first time that Rep. Raymond, a Superman-like Democrat from Laredo who deserves a statue and/or a Presidential Medal of Freedom, has introduced such a bill. He tried at the beginning of the last legislative session in 2019. In the session before that, a similar bill was introduced by Representative Terry Canales, a Democrat from Edinburg.

Sunday is the second busiest shopping day of the week. And according to DISCUS estimates, the sale of spirits on Sundays would generate between $7.8 and $15.6 million in new tax revenues for the state.

While conservatives always bat these bills down, Texas has made strides in loosening alcohol laws since the pandemic, including allowing restaurants with a mixed beverage permit and a food and beverage certificate from TABC to sell beer, wine, and cocktails with food orders that are purchased for pickup or delivery.

If you're seeking amusement, the group released a fun video highlighting the need to remove this outdated Sunday sales ban.